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Week in Review: 17-21 December, 2012

This was the last week of the library events.  Tuesday we were met with very heavy downpours that started just before the library opened.  Since most children walk, our attendance was down, but we still had about 12 brave and determined children that trekked through the rain and mud to come.  We had reading time [...]

Week in Review: 10-16 December, 2012

Library events continued on Tuesday and Thursday.  On Tuesday, after a time of reading, Dale had a project about fractions.  He used pie graphs to demonstrate the concept of quarters and halves and the equivalent percentage.  Then we did a combination project with a multicolor football (soccer ball).  We put a dot on each child’s [...]

MKMF Week in Review: December 3-7, 2012

Library Activities Library Baraza activities continued during the school break on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  We had to relocate to Kaaga Methodist Church (youth building) because of the strict guidelines of who can be on school property during national exams. Tuesday we’ve been doing reading and math club activities.  Sandi read stories, and students took turns [...]

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