Kenya leo

I had the opportunity to visit 3 of our project sites in Meru today. Among these were Ribui primary school, a tiny little school with slightly under 200 pulpils tucked on the border of the Mt.Kenya forest. Kathithi pry school with almost 1000 pulpils and a location well known to many who have worked with [...]

Reason to smile

We are currently involved in closing our financial year and reviewing projects done ahead of our annual general meeting. Looking over the last few years board minutes, expenses reports and drawing up the next 2 yrs budget, I am not only proud of this organization. We have seen a lot of kids go from primary [...]

Meet our volunteer of the Day!

Thousands of kids are home today for the second day running because of an ongoing national strike. Teachers in all public schools are on strike demanding the government honor pay increase that was promised in 1997. While many kids spent their day home, we enjoyed the company of a wonderful young man, Christopher (15yrs) who [...]

Where have we been?

This year, we mark 10 years since Miriam Kanana Mubichi passed away.  MKMF having been established by the Mubichi family to honor the memory of their beloved Kanana has served the “least” in various Meru communities through improved school infrastructure, improved sanitation and access to books. Over the next one month, we will be posting [...]

New Road!

It has been almost 3 years since I left Kenya and driving back to Meru last week I was not only amazed by the highway I saw. When I left Kenya in Aug.2010 I left a dirt road filled with lots of construction trucks and people. Today, getting in and out of Nairobi is a [...]

Month in Review: January 2013

January has been a busy month with a lot of work behind the scenes to prepare for an anticipated flurry of activity in the next few months. We have several students receiving MKMF sponsorships at the Meru School for the Visually Impaired and the Meru School for the Mentally Challenged, in addition to assistance with [...]

Week in Review: 17-21 December, 2012

This was the last week of the library events.  Tuesday we were met with very heavy downpours that started just before the library opened.  Since most children walk, our attendance was down, but we still had about 12 brave and determined children that trekked through the rain and mud to come.  We had reading time [...]

Week in Review: 10-16 December, 2012

Library events continued on Tuesday and Thursday.  On Tuesday, after a time of reading, Dale had a project about fractions.  He used pie graphs to demonstrate the concept of quarters and halves and the equivalent percentage.  Then we did a combination project with a multicolor football (soccer ball).  We put a dot on each child’s [...]

MKMF Week in Review: December 3-7, 2012

Library Activities Library Baraza activities continued during the school break on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  We had to relocate to Kaaga Methodist Church (youth building) because of the strict guidelines of who can be on school property during national exams. Tuesday we’ve been doing reading and math club activities.  Sandi read stories, and students took turns [...]

Week In Review: November 26-30, 2012

KCPE Math Prep This was another busy week for the MKMF volunteers.  Dale had the privilege of going to Kaaga Primary School to help prepare the class 8 students for their national exams next week.  The national math exam (called the KCPE) is 50 questions for 2 hours, and it is all multiple choice.  There [...]