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Posted on: July 4th, 2013

I had the opportunity to visit 3 of our project sites in Meru today. Among these were Ribui primary school, a tiny little school with slightly under 200 pulpils tucked on the border of the Mt.Kenya forest. Kathithi pry school with almost 1000 pulpils and a location well known to many who have worked with us over the last 4 years; and finally Ngiine pry, a school we had worked with and suspended due to school administration project mismanagement. Unfortunately the most important element in these schools; students were missing due to the ongoing teachers strike.
It is evident, Kenya is a nation in transition. Teachers in public schools have been on strike over the last 2 weeks. The civil society and human rights activists are out opposing a proposed VAT (value added tax) bill. The best part of it all, are the arguments the teachers have given me. Summed up in a statement, “the government has its priorities upside down” a statement we had from several teachers and parents we spoke to on our school visits.

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