New Road!

Posted on: June 25th, 2013

It has been almost 3 years since I left Kenya and driving back to Meru last week I was not only amazed by the highway I saw. When I left Kenya in Aug.2010 I left a dirt road filled with lots of construction trucks and people. Today, getting in and out of Nairobi is a different story. We have modern highways that are also correctly labeled!

Kenya's New Highway

On Sunday, I once again found myself on the new highway. This time, I was the driver. As I drove into the unfamiliar highway I was both anxious and scared of the unknown as I had been warned some of the previous roads no longer existed. Unlike the US, there were Matatu’s on the road. Notorious for stopping unceremoniously and causing terrible traffic problems. Matatu on the move

As our (MKMF) year comes to an end and audit begins, we not only have an opportunity to reflect on what we have done and hope to do. Like Kenya and her new highway, we (MKMF) too hope to continue being the bridge for many in need as we restructure and set forth our next couple of years projects.

MKMF was founded under the concept of a "bridge"- an African analogy to reminds us that we are but a small but essential part to the entire system of socio-economic development

MKMF was founded under the concept of a “bridge”- an African analogy that reminds us, that we are but a small and essential part to the entire system of socio-economic development



  • Fridah,
    Thank you for calling this morning to talk about your work and
    edamame, and smallholders growing soybeans in rural Africa.
    Bill Shurtleff

  • Phil Davis says:

    My first time to Meru, the main roads from town to town were not maintaned and there were many ‘silent police’ available that screams ‘watch out’. Some were deep enough to hide a small car. The secondary roads were overdeveloped trails. The last time I was there, the hiways were amazing. The intrastructure begin to show signs of improvement for the country.

    My prayers for you and all you do for the community. I was hoping to request an offering for MKMF. Would I be correct that you help with and coordinate in providing water to various communities?

    Truely you have not been forgotten for you have touched my heart in so many ways. His servant, your friend and Stephen’s pink brother.

    Phil Davis

  • Rev.Richard Muguongo says:

    This is a great foundation,you have changed the lives of many Kenyan child.This generation will remember you forever ,Well done faithful servants.

  • Joanne matthews (dolman) says:

    Wow if thats after 3 years then what other changes have happened after 5 years of being there.
    I miss you all

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