Week In Review: November 26-30, 2012

Posted on: November 30th, 2012

KCPE Math Prep

This was another busy week for the MKMF volunteers.  Dale had the privilege of going to Kaaga Primary School to help prepare the class 8 students for their national exams next week.  The national math exam (called the KCPE) is 50 questions for 2 hours, and it is all multiple choice.  There is a lot of stress on these kids to perform well on the exams, since this is their last primary school class.  These tests will determine where and what type of secondary school (high school) they will attend.

After meeting with the teachers and the headmaster, they decided that he should help them with the topics that give the kids the most trouble.  Choosing the topic was an easy choice – geometric constructions.  Although there are only 2 questions on the exam, they have much more weight than other questions, so if the students get these problems, it can really improve their scores.  Dale is an expert at teaching that topic, so he spent 90 minutes on Monday teaching and reviewing the types of constructions they will see on the exam.  After doing two practice exams himself and taking detailed notes, Dale saw how the test questions were worded and focused on that along with the correct procedure to find the answer.  According to the teachers that were present in the review, he taught a much simpler method that would be easier for the students to remember.


Dale Tutoring

Dale tutoring class 8 and secondary (high school) students at the library.


After giving the students a 3-question assignment, he came back on Thursday to hand back the graded papers, and covered one more type of construction.  He then gave the students some encouraging words about the test next week – his Coach Troup’s pre-test “Go-Fight-Conquer!” pep talk.

The kids invited Dale back on Friday for the prayer and yearly wrap-up ceremony with parents and other dignitaries.  He, of course, happily agreed to attend.  During that ceremony, many teachers gave the kids some encouraging words along with some parents and administrators.  Dale was asked by the headmaster to give some comments as well.  There were many praise songs that the kids sang along with the parents and faculty.  Then there was a sermon from a local Methodist minister and a long prayer for the tests next week.


Reading Barazas and library activities – Tuesday and Thursday

The previous posts talks about the first day of the barazas, so this post will talk about the second day – Thursday.  There were 37 kids that attended on Tuesday and at least 30 kids on Thursday.  The education levels ranged from nursery to Form 4 (senior in high school).

On Thursday, Sandi started out the day with some chemistry demonstrations using vinegar and baking soda.  She used an old film canister and put vinegar and baking soda inside then put it down, lid first, on the cement.  This acid-base reaction creates a buildup of carbon dioxide gas in the cannister, and a few seconds later, the canister pops up in the air several feet.  Essentially, she made a small rocket and the kids loved it!  Riley was preparing each rocket as the kids watched and participated one at a time.  See the link to the video below.

Video of Baking Soda-Vinegar Rocket

While the kids were outside, Sandi and Riley also did the famous “Mentos in Diet Coke” trick a few times for them.  Sandi  explained why it happens the way it does, and did some demonstrations illustrating that.  The kids were very attentive and interested in these demonstrations.  Then they split off and did some reading activities with Dorcas and Joskim while Dale worked with the high school kids and their math questions.  Overall, it was an exciting week at the library!


The fun Mentos in Coke fountain.


Demonstrating the physics behind the Mentos experiment.


reading activity

Joskim and Dorcas leading a reading activity while Dale tutored upper level students in math.

Makena Textiles

MKMF is still working with Makena Textiles and their computer training.  Sandi and Dale have taken turns visiting them twice this week in the afternoon to continue training them on how to start their computer, how to hook up to the internet, how to receive and send email, and how to attach photos of their products to emails.  Four of the Makena ladies are involved in the training.  An email signature was created for them as well, so that when they send emails, all their contact info will appear on the bottom of the messages.  They were also encouraged to start taking digital photos of each rug when it is finished on the loom, so that they can post the photos on the website.  One of the ladies owns a digital camera, but it is in disrepair, and Sandi hopes to get it working soon.


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