Reason to smile

Posted on: June 28th, 2013

We are currently involved in closing our financial year and reviewing projects done ahead of our annual general meeting.
Looking over the last few years board minutes, expenses reports and drawing up the next 2 yrs budget, I am not only proud of this organization. We have seen a lot of kids go from primary school to University. We have several teachers, business admin, nurses, political scientist and soon to be, a pharmacists!
Thank you to everyone who has supported the MKMF Scholarships & literacy projects!



  • Mattie Tolley says:

    This is such a shining example of what one family can start. The Mubichi family, a family of modest means in Kenya, turned their grief at the loss of a daughter into an ongoing blessing to their part of Kenya, Starting with the funds Kanana had saved for further education, they founded MKMF and over the last 10 years have given a brighter future to many many children, schools, and children. Now that foundation is internationally accrediated and helping the whole district grow in education, environmentally, and health. These are my friends of 40 some years. I smile every time I think of them, proud to be associated with their efforts. I have only a little to give but MKMF knows how to make riches in kind from a “widow’s mite”.

  • Beth says:

    Way to go! Fridah, you guys do amazing work! Miss you bunches!

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