Week in Review: 10-16 December, 2012

Posted on: December 17th, 2012

Library events continued on Tuesday and Thursday.  On Tuesday, after a time of reading, Dale had a project about fractions.  He used pie graphs to demonstrate the concept of quarters and halves and the equivalent percentage.  Then we did a combination project with a multicolor football (soccer ball).  We put a dot on each child’s finger, and tossed the ball around the room, recording the color that the child’s finger landed on.  We tallied the results and determined the percentage of each color.


Using a football for statistics

Tossing a football to gather statistics. Whichever color the student’s finger landed on was recorded and tallied.


Thursday we had reading activities, some puzzles, then a short science activity about weather and how we measure it.  Maybe because it was getting closer to Christmas and the break was so long – the children were extremely hyper!  We were glad they were having so much fun.


solving a sudoku puzzle

Learning how to solve a Sudoku puzzle, a great logic trainer.


On Sunday our team accompanied two Makena Textiles ladies to Nanyuki for a Christmas fair at a sporting club.  Normally the ladies travel by matatu (taxi vans), but they needed help transporting the very heavy and bulky wool rugs that they sell.  We piled about 200 kg of rugs in the back of the truck and delivered it to their tent at the fair.  The ladies sold about 10 rugs and other miscellaneous items, in addition to meeting several people who would visit the shop, so it was a successful trip.


selling rugs

Sarah, the Makena Textiles manager, is showing her rugs to an interested customer.


beautiful rugs

Just a few of the beautiful rugs that the ladies at Makena Textiles make by hand.



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