Week in Review: 17-21 December, 2012

Posted on: December 22nd, 2012

This was the last week of the library events.  Tuesday we were met with very heavy downpours that started just before the library opened.  Since most children walk, our attendance was down, but we still had about 12 brave and determined children that trekked through the rain and mud to come.  We had reading time and some various puzzles.  Dale also had a fun slide presentation of optical illusions that the children really enjoyed.  Then he showed them how to do 1 and 2-perspective drawings (3-dimensional drawings using a vanishing point and viewing angle).  This was one of the most popular activities we did over the break – the students loved it!



One of our most loyal participants proudly showing her two-perspective drawing.


Thursday was our last day of special library activities.  We had about an hour where the children read or did more perspective drawings (several children asked to do it again!).  Then we had a nice ceremony where we gave a certificate to all participants and small gifts appropriate to age and how many sessions they attended.  Gifts included a pretty pencil and pen, pencil sharpener, eraser, ruler, exercise books (lined notebooks), and for the older children a math set (required in classes 5-8) that included protractor, drawing compass, dividers, and a few other tools.  After the ceremony we celebrated with some drinks and biscuits (cookies).  It was a good time, and several students said they were eager to come again.  We also gained several new library members through the event.



Each of the students was presented a certificate for participation, and awards depending on how many sessions they attended.


Overall, we had an average of 35 students show up each day, and about 60 students total who attended.  Several students earned top awards by coming every single day, even when it rained.  Now that’s loyalty!  We’re looking forward to the next event in April.  We were not able to tailor activities as much as we wanted to the age group, so hopefully next time we will have some volunteers to help us out!  If you are interested, please contact us.



Celebrating the last day of the library events with refreshments.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from everyone at MKMF!

Christmas Greeting Video



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